Sunday, April 09, 2006

US Men Arrive in Cary

The US Men's National Team arrived in Cary on Sunday and underwent a light workout on Fields 2 & 3 at SAS Soccer Park. With most players having played less than 24 hours previously for their club sides, the brief workout consisted of little more than some slow jogging, light calisthenics, and a friendly game of soccer-tennis. Pablo Mastroeni and John O'Brien, both of who did not figure yesterday in their MLS team's matches, spent a little extra time running through some ball drills with Coach Glenn Myernick while a few of the more veteran players like Eddie Pope, Ben Olsen, and Frankie Hedjuk did little more than catch up on old times with friends. Landon Donovan and Chris Albright, who played a last game on the West Coast Saturday night had yet to join the team by practice time today. Everyone at practice seemed excited for Tony Meola on the ocassion of his 100th cap and folks were ribbing him a little about it. The most excitement of the day came when Clint Dempsey had a discussion with his opponents (two staff coaches) over the TRUE rules of soccer-tennis. Luckily, a punch-up was avoided (just kidding Clint!). Pictures from the practice are available on my Flickr stream. The team will practice again on Monday on the main field at SAS Soccer Park ahead of their match on Tuesday versus Jamaica.

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