Friday, April 07, 2006

Rochester-Atlanta Battle to Scoreless Draw

The Rochester Rhinos wound down their pre-season training camp with a scoreless draw against fellow USL Division 1 opponent the Atlanta Silverbacks tonight at SAS Soccer Park. has a great game summary. I spent about 8 hours today volunteering as part of the Event Staff. I never really thought about how much effort went into putting together a soccer event for the public. I had always just sort of shown up 20 minutes before kickoff and enjoyed the fruits of others' hard work. Today gave me an appreciation of what really goes into pulling off a sporting event. (Plus, I'd always wanted one of those yellow T-Shirts that say Event Staff on them). I had a lot of fun and encourage others to give it a try. There will be plenty more opportunities to volunteer with Triangle Professional Soccer throughout the summer. Since I was working Event Staff, my pictures tonight are more documenting the event itself instead of the action on the field. Andy Mead was also shooting at the game and he's got a few action shots up over at YCJ.

-- Jarrett @ 4/07/2006 10:07:00 PM


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