Monday, March 27, 2006

New US Soccer President Sunil Gulati Talks About the Future of the Game

I recently took a survey at about their website and the one thing that I just raved about in their opinion poll was their new All Access Video and Podcast features on their site. As a soccer fan starved for information by the mainstream media, these features provide a veritable buffet of news about all aspects of US Soccer. In particular, access to the post-match press conferences in their entirety rather than just hearing a few quotes picked out in various articles is a fantastic feature. One recent podcast that I would recommend to everyone interested in the future of US Soccer, both at the international as well as youth level, is the recent Q&A that new US Soccer President Sunil Gulati did with the press ahead of the USA v. Germany match. Gulati talks about the state of the game, the state of the federation, Arena's contribution over the last 8 years, the future for a women's professional league, reaching out to untapped soccer playing communities, and where he hopes to take US Soccer under his leadership. All told, it's about a 40 minute, fascinating window into the mind of the top soccer executive in this country.

-- Jarrett @ 3/27/2006 01:52:00 PM


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