Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Danny Kramer Sits Down with Soccer Sam

When Rochester Rhinos back up Goalkeeper Dusty Hudock wanted to return home to Charleston, SC, the Rhinos gave him his wish. The trade netted the Rhinos the 5th overall pick in the 2006 USL 1st Division Collegiate Draft. The Rhinos used that pick to acquire Duke's F/MF Danny Kramer. Recently, Danny sat down with to talk about his soccer career to date and his hopes for his new career in Rochester. In the interview he talks about playing soccer here in the Triangle: Is Duke's men's soccer team as hated by opposing teams as the men's basketball team?

DK: Not as much as the basketball team, but teams definitely don't like us and always come out real hard when they play us. No matter who it is, they come out like it is a war. What was the bigger rival - North Carolina or NC State?

DK: UNC definitely How did you grow as a soccer player at Duke?

DK: I definitely enhanced my skill level at Duke. My touch improved dramatically over the four years and my ability to use both feet helped me play all over the field and made me harder to defend. Also, I developed a knack to put myself in good spots to score goals. What was the best moment of your Duke career?

DK: When we beat UNC in the 2005 season in the ACC Championship. After 3 years of not making it passed the 1st round of the ACC tournament; to beat UNC in the Championship was the best way to do it. Veteran defender Scott Schweitzer is an NC State grad. Are you concerned at all about what he might do to a rookie from Duke?

DK: I'm hoping he won't be too hard on me. At least I didn't go to UNC. I think that would be worse.

I think we all know why Danny hates UNC so much!

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