Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Rainy Day at the Combine

Buzz is johnny-on-the-spot again with his report on a rainy Day 2 at the MLS combine. It looks like most of our Triangle-area MLS hopefuls are bringing their game. Here's excerpts from Buzz's analysis: Dax McCarty (UNC) is again superb, right up until he takes a knock from the persistent fouls. He limps a bit and is subbed out at the 30 minute mark or so. I am now convinced this kid is a top five talent, although he may not go that high. He's been getting fouled like crazy, although nothing all that hard. Did I mention he's 18? John Queeley (NCSU) is much better as a centerback than outside back. He helps himself today, But there are still quite a few better centerbacks. He may have played himself into being drafted by someone though. Danny Kramer (Duke) again is serviceable out wide. He scores a late goal with his work rate, good show for a midrange possible pick. He came back on for Veris late, letting Zayner play some sweeper. Aaron King (NCSU) is better today. Or so I think. One person I talked to didn't like him yesterday, and thought he was worse today. Here's what I like about him. He has explosive speed, but more importantly he knows when to use it. He also knows how to judge the flow and cut against it, which he does 5 or 6 times to effect playing wide midfield today, NOT his natural position. It's the mind to go with that pace that I noticed. Blake Camp (Duke), as much as I like him, is not playing himself up the board. As a senior I think he needed a strong showing here, and he's not dominating play like I would like to see. He may be looking at the second round now.

-- Jarrett @ 1/14/2006 10:39:00 PM


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