Sunday, January 15, 2006

MLS Combine Final Day

Buzz wraps up his analysis of the MLS Combine with his 3rd installment over at 3rd Degree. Here's where he mentioned our boys:

Blake Camp (Duke) is far, far better today. This is the player I expected as he is a load of fun to watch. Top notch showing. Rowland and King (NCSU) are really putting the pressure on early. Again I really like the choices King makes. Kramer (Duke), Ambersley, Plotkin, and McCarty (UNC) are all swapping roles on the fly. That's some fairly advanced tactical work for a combine. Moss has his bright moment when he gets up for a McCarty corner with a strong header and puts it just wide of the post.

McCarty rolled a free kick back to Plotkin and he rips if left footed from about 30 yards out. Very impressive bender that moves away from the keeper and toward the far post. Nice save by Schuerman who has his best day, although that's not saying a lot. Dax McCarty with only some slight soreness from getting fouled yesterday. What he's doing playing wingback I don't know. Queely (NCSU) looks better at right back today than he did on day one. I am still not sold though as his touch and passing let him down a couple times.

-- Jarrett @ 1/15/2006 10:31:00 PM


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